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An overview of activities at Cawthorn's Glenhaven Aquaculture Centre

Seminar presented by Cara McGregor, Cawthorn Institute, 26 November 2012 at SARDI Aquatic Sciences, Adelaide


I will discuss when Cawthron was established and where we get our funding from, as well as what the Aquaculture Centre is comprised of. The species of shellfish we work with which is predominately Greenshell Mussels and Pacific Oysters and an in depth look into how the Algae Production Unit is run, the species that we grow. I will discuss in more detail how the continuous bag system works and what we produce the algae for. Project partners as well as potential future projects will be mentioned that include investigating possible toxins in the continuous bag culture of Chaetoceros calcitrans that could affect shellfish larvae. I will discuss the 2011 flood that also occurred at the time when the oyster virus was discovered.