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A daily tag return model for lobster fisheries

Paul Burch, South Australian Research and Development Institute

Thursday, 1pm, 29 March, SARDI Aquatic Science Lecutre Theatre 

For many years tagging studies have been used to obtain movement and growth information in marine populations. Tagging also produces an identifiable subset of a population which allows the estimation of population parameters or abundance. I developed a model to estimate fishing and natural mortality, tag reporting rate and catchability and applied it to a component of the Tasmanian lobster fishery. The model makes use of the exact time of release and recapture of each individual tag. By modelling tags individually, each tag contributes information on fishing and natural mortality, catchability and tag reporting rate. This approach provides a number of benefits compared with existing models that aggregate recaptures over the fishing season. Parameters may be estimated at a finer time-scale, tags only need to be released to maintain the number of tags in the population allowing tagging to be conducted when conditions are the most favourable.