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The Marine Innovation South Australia Student International Travel Grant 2009-2010

Marine Innovation South Australia (MISA) has awarded travel grants of up to $1,500 to students to participate in international conferences related to aspects of marine science within the aims of MISA.  These grants are made possible from prize money awarded to MISA through the 2008 Premier’s Science Excellence Awards, “Constellation SA Award for Excellence in Collaborative Research”.

MISA was established in 2004 as an initiative of the South Australian Government and represents a partnership between the South Australian Research and Development Institute, Flinders University, University of Adelaide, the South Australian Museum, seafood industries and regional communities. 

The aims of MISA are to improve the value and productivity of South Australia’s seafood industry and protect its precious marine environment through innovation and excellence in marine science.

Candidates had to be outstanding postgraduate research students enrolled at a South Australian University and have, by application deadline, either:

  • not yet submitted their thesis; or
  • submitted their thesis no earlier than the calendar year preceding the deadline for applications.

Candidates have to present a paper or a poster on their own research at the international conference they propose to attend. 

By attending the international conference, the student will serve an important role as an ambassador for MISA through improving awareness in the international scientific community of the work of MISA and its participants.

And the winners are...

Derek Hamer (University of Adelaide)
'Assessing the effectiveness of the Great Australian Bight Marine Park in protecting the endangered Australian sea lion (Neophoca cinerea) from by-catch mortality in shark gill-nets' (Abstract)

Christopher Izzo (University of Adelaide)
'Telomere length accurately predicts the chronological age of the common carp' (Abstract)

Travel award final report - 8th Indo Pacific Conference and 2009 ASFB workshop and conference (.PDF 35KB)

Kristian Peters (University of Adelaide)
'A glimpse into Pandora's box; DNA based analysis offers insight into the diet of the endangered Australian sea lion' (Abstract)'

James Paterson (Flinders University of South Australia)
'Differential effects of temperature and salinity on viral production and lysis rates in South Australian waters' (Abstract)

Nicholas Payne (University of Adelaide)
'An enriched isotope mass-marking technique for the early life-history stages of cephalopods' (Abstract)

Paul Rogers (Flinders University of South Australia)
'Population structure, movement and foraging of coastal and oceanic pelagic sharks in the Southern Ocean' (Abstract)

Richard Saunders (University of Adelaide)
'Otolith microstructure reveals recruitment processes for snapper' (Abstract)

Virginie Van Dongen-Vogels (Flinders University of South Australia)
'Space-time variability in phytoplankton communities in the South Australian shelf waters' (Abstract)