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$2 billion by 2015

Port Lincoln Times
Thursday 11/10/2007
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PLANS to expand South Australia's seafood industry to $2 billion by 2015 were highlighted at a recent seminar in Port Lincoln.
At the seminar, presented by Marine Innovation SA (MISA) SA Research and development Institute, executive director Rob Lewis said the prosperityand future of the State's seafood industry relied on growth through innovation and strong markets. In the SA Seafood Plan 2005. which was released last month, and SA Seafood Industry Implementation Plan, the industry is aspiring to achieve a value df $907 million by 2009-10 and $2 billion by 2015, with an export value of $1 billion.
In 2003-04 the industry was valued at $780 million. Mr Lewis said to meet these targets the aquaculture industry would need to increase to 26,000 tonnes ($452 million) and "although an expected decrease in overall tonnage from the wild catch sector, still an increase in value of $35 million".
As the largest centre for aquaculture in Australia when judged against production level, value and diversity of species, Eyre Peninsula is set to play a pivotal role in achieving this.
Mr Lewis highlighted the three themes and nine project areas the industry had identified to pursue including market development and facilitation, developing innovation and positioning the industry nationally and in overseas markets.
Mr Lewis highlighted some of the projects the Lincoln Marine Science Centre was working on.
These included investigating the nutritional profiles of baitfish for feeding southern bluefin tuna,the feasibility of overcoming the detrimental effects of carbon dioxide in the air shipment of live southern rock lobsters, jellyfish invasions, and improving
the quality of tuna's flesh and its market value.
It was also researching water quality and environmental conditions inside and outside farm pontoons to investigate environmental effects.