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South Australian schools science experiment

Dr David Currie with year 3 students from Largs Bay PrimaryLargs Bay year 3 student with cups used in SA schools science experimentLargs Bay Primary School students from year 3 proudly displaying the many projects they produced based on the Southern Survey expedition.  Teacher Mr Neris said the students enjoyed first hand experience studying the science of the expedition via the website and understanding why the research is important.

Many of the children commented that they were happy to find that the unique animals that live around the recently discovered volcano were protected within the marine park. The children also considered the media article in the Advertiser about the volcano's discovery, interpreting the story in their own words and analysing the power of a headline.

Dr David Currie who led the expedition visited the class to talk about the journey. He also explained the effect of pressure at depth which was illustrated by lowering student decorated polysytrene cups to 1000 metres off the Great Australian Bight. Dr Currie returned the cups to their owners - one-third their original size.

Left: Largs Bay year 3 student with cups used in South Australian schools science experiment.

Right: Mr Neris (Largs Bay Primary School) and Dr David Currie (SARDI) with year 3 students from Largs Bay Primary.