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Gretta Pecl

Dr Gretta Pecl, the 2009 Tasmanian Fulbright Tasmania Scholar, is a Research Fellow leading several projects within the Climate Change Theme at the Tasmanian Aquaculture and Fisheries Institute, and a Research Fellow on the Adaptation Research Network for Marine Biodiversity and Resources. Gretta presented an overview of the potential impacts of climate change on Australia’s fisheries resources, and highlighted some of the challenges unique to this sector before emphasising some key messages from a recent case study that have broad relevance on a global scale. In her presentation ‘Climate change impacts and the challenges associated with developing adaptation options for Australia’s fisheries’ Gretta said that our understanding of the current and potential impacts of climate change, particularly in the marine context, has not moved at the same rapid pace as increasing public awareness and acceptance of climate change as a major issue. Gretta emphasised the need for effective knowledge exchange between industry, researchers and policy makers, giving an example of REDMAP, an interactive website where commercial, recreational fishers and scuba divers report sightings or catches of species outside their normal distributions.