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Corey Bradshaw

Associate Professor Corey Bradshaw is a conservation ecologist who uses mathematics and biological data to examine and understand the ways in which species respond to changing environments. A Research Director at the University of Adelaide’s Research Institute for Climate Change and Sustainability, Corey is a joint MISA appointment with SARDI Aquatic Sciences. In his presentation ‘Predicting impacts of climate change on south Australian aquaculture: risk assessment, business susceptibility and ecological assays’, Corey asked what are the real and potential effects of climate change on aquaculture in southern Australia? To this end Corey is developing a world-first document that draws together information about physiological tolerances of the most susceptible life stages of farmed species to changes in temperature, salinity, pH, chemistry and nutrients. Corey said the coastal and inshore waters of south-eastern Australia have experienced some of the greatest changes in recent years in the Southern Hemisphere. The knowledge that will be gained from this project extends well beyond aquaculture in Australia. It has major implications for understanding the response of wild fishes and for marine biota in general.