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Anthony Cheshire

Key-note speaker, Professor Anthony Cheshire, who’s talk entitled ‘Sea change in response to climate change: impacts, risk and opportunities for industry in a carbon-constrained future’ said that finding opportunities with a carbon-constrained market place may well provide the edge that seafood businesses need to survive. The seafood industry needs to refine and, in some cases, redefine production systems. It also needs to develop a clear understanding of the international, national and local context of both climate change and the business rules of a carbon-constrained market place. Pressure will come in the short term from issues such as a direct cost on carbon emissions and the use of non-tariff trade barriers such as carbon labelling where producers are required to document the carbon footprint of their products on packaging. This will have a direct impact on market access and consumer acceptance. In the medium to longer term, industry has to respond to the physical impact of climate change, not only on their own business operations but also on their markets and suppliers.