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SA FRAB Key Dates 2010

Key Dates 2010 Actions 2011/12 FRDC Funding Round
Monday 1 February FRDC closing date for Tactical Research Funding (details and criteria FRDC website www.frdc.com.au)
Tuesday 23 February

Morning: SAFRAB meeting to update research priorities and provide comments on TRF funding

Afternoon: SAFRAB workshop to host industry sectors’ input on research priorities (facilitated)

Friday 5 March SAFRAB OPEN CALL to researchers with priority areas identified - calling for preliminary research proposals by 14 May 2010
Wednesday 14 May SAFRAB closing date to receive preliminary research proposals
Friday 28 May SAFRAB meeting to receive PRP presentations by Principal Investigators for 2011/12; provide written feedback to Principal Investigators
Tuesday 1 June FRDC close off date for TRF applications
Thursday 10 June SAFRAB conference call meeting or out of session comments (tbc) to review 1 June TRF applications
Friday 10 September Close off date for draft full applications to SAFRAB
Tuesday 21 September SAFRAB meeting to review draft full applications and provide written comments to Principal Investigators
Friday 1 October FRDC close off date for TRF applications
Friday 15 October SAFRAB conference call or out of session comments (tbc)  to review 1 October TRF applications
Monday 1 November FRDC’s close off date for final applications for 2011/12 funding round via www.fishnet.gov.au
Friday 19 November SAFRAB meeting to review, rank and prioritize applications for 2011/12 round and provide written report to FRDC.