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Draft Program

The Special Symposium titled 'Australian Seafood Industry Reponse to a Carbon-Based Future' is being held on Thursday the 9th July in Meeting Room 3 at the Adelaide Convention Centre.


Key Note Speaker: Anthony Cheshire (Science to Manage Uncertainty)
Sea change in response to climate change: impacts, risks and opportunities for industry in a carbon-constrained future

13:50 Patrick Hone (FRDC)
14:10 John Middelton (SARDI)
The biophysical landscape of the southern Australian shelves: measurement, modelling, climate and climate change
14:30 Peter Fairweather (DEH)
Predicting changes to seascapes under future climate, with the Coorong as a case study
15:20 Corey Bradshaw (Adelaide University)
Predicting impacts of climate change on South Australian aquaculture: risk assessment, business susceptibility and ecological assays
15:40 Rick Fletcher (WA Department of Fisheries)
Use of risk assessment within an ecosystem-based fisheries management framework to provide practical advice on the management priorities generated by climate change
16:00 Peter Hayman (SARDI)
Can seafood industries learn from agriculture about adapting to climate change?
16:20 Panel discussion
17:00 Finish