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Seafood Quality, Safety & Value-adding

Increasing the unit value of SA seafood opens the most significant opportunities for growth in the value of the seafood industry. This involves the creation of new products and processes, understanding both the domestic and export seafood markets, providing the best quality, healthy seafood and responding to consumers needs.

South Australia is a national centre for seafood quality, safety and value-adding and includes:

  • market access
  • quality systems development
  • supply logistics
  • traceability IT
  • food processing
  • packaging engineering
  • seafood technology and engineering
  • seafood microbiology
  • seafood biochemistry and physiology

These research activities are coordinated across a number of agencies including SARDI, Flinders University, PIRSA’s shellfish quality assurance program and Food SA programs, TAFE, and the University of Adelaide as well as seafood producers and processors. Most of these activities are undertaken by the SARDI's Food Safety and Innovation, Centre for Marine Bioproducts Development, The Centre for Global Food and Resources and Food South Australia.

Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre

The Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre has recently been funded to tackle the growing international problem of food waste. The program is focused on reducing food waste throughout the supply chain, transforming unavoidable waste into innovative high-value co-products and engaging with industry and consumers to deliver behavioural change.

Marine Bio-Products and Biotechnology Cooperative Research Centre

Stage 1 of the Marine Bio-Products and Biotechnology Cooperative Research Centre (MBB-CRC) has been submitted. The MBB-CRC aims to grow and position the Australian Blue Bio-Economy in the global market by developing a national capacity and industry led research innovation, training and commercialisation.