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Aquatic Animal Health and Biosecurity

Invasive marine species and fish diseases can threaten our aquatic ecosystems, fishing industries, exports and even our lifestyle (e.g. management of marine pests into our waters such as Caulerpa taxifolia, sabellid worm and toxic phytoplankton and Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome).

A major achievement of MISA was the construction of the large aquatic biological containment facility, South Australian Aquatic Biosecurity Centre (SAABC) at the University of Adelaide's Roseworthy Campus, north of Adelaide.

MISA is ensuring better coordination and collaboration, and expanded research in the areas of:

  • spatial risk analysis
  • marine micro-algal physiology
  • multi-disciplinary ecology
  • invertebrate taxonomy
  • biological control-design and development
  • fish veterinary science
  • genetics

DNA-based molecular diagnostic testing capabilities is being extended to develop and validate assays to identify and quantify pathogens and marine pests in a variety of samples.