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Systematics, phylogenetics and biogeography of deep-sea amphipods/isopods

A top-up for a PhD scholarship is available to look in detail at a group of isopods or amphipods that are abundant in the Great Australian Bight.  The taxonomic component would involve examining samples collected as part of the project (including possible cruises off Tasmania in early 2014 and the GAB in 2016 to collect additional material), as well as existing museum specimens.  Molecular techniques will be used to assess the phylogeny of the selected group.  Biogeographic comparisons will then be made with material collected from similar areas off south-east and south-west Australia to determine broader-scale relationships and potential dispersal pathways, and distribution patterns related to physico-chemical aspects of the environment. 

The top-up is available for Australian Postgraduate Award or Divisional (PhD) scholarships of $15,000 per annum (for 3 years), with $10,000 to augment the Ph.D. scholarship and $5,000 for operating.

The PhD candidate will be based at the Aquatic Sciences division of the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) or at the University of Adelaide and supervised by researchers at SARDI Aquatic Sciences, the University of Adelaide and Wealth from Oceans Flagship, CSIRO, Hobart. The successful applicant will enroll in a PhD program at the University of Adelaide and work as part of the inter-institution team, participating in field and laboratory research programs on benthic biodiversity.

The successful applicant will be required to enter into a formal agreement setting out the specific terms and conditions governing their participation in the GAB Research Program.  For more details on these terms and conditions please contact Dr Steven Lapidge, Research Director Great Australian Bight Research Program, SARDI: steven.lapidge@sa.gov.au, 0401 990 367.

The top-up scholarships are for PhDs who commence early in 2015.

For more information on the research theme and details of how to apply for the scholarship please contact Dr Rachel King (University of Adelaide), rachael.king@adelaide.edu.au, (08) 8313 4364; Dr Alan Williams (CSIRO Hobart), alan.williams@csiro.au, (03) 6232 5449; or Dr Jason Tanner, jason.tanner@sa.gov.au, (08) 8207 5489.